Imitation Wood Floor

The imitation wood floor transmits a warm and very cozy appearance, to which are added its practical advantages and a much cheaper price than that of traditional wood.

The finish of the wood effect floor imitates the color and texture of this material. In this way, you will be able to create a cozy space with a natural and rustic touch.

A good way to enhance the advantages of this type of mesh is to install a ceramic or porcelain imitation wood floor, which is characterized by its resistance and durability, although its appearance is much finer and more delicate than that of the original wood.

In short, imitation wood flooring will allow you to reduce installation and maintenance costs, compared to a natural wood floor.

Imitation Wood Covering

What kind of change do you have in mind? You can choose between different imitation wood coverings for the walls of your home. They are a very versatile option for interiors and exteriors in general.

In our catalog you will find wood-effect coverings with herringbone, braided, vertical or horizontal. There are also many shades among this type of ceramic, such as gray, dark or light brown imitation wood coating. This wide variety of colors allows you to get closer to the appearance of a specific type of wood such as pine, cedar and any other.

Do you need help redesigning your home? At OSET we advise you so that you can choose the best alternative.



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