Cement Style

Cement Style

Cement-style tiles are an interesting trend in decoration that, with a "naked" or unfinished appearance, transmits an industrial or modern essence to living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms... How would you like to use them?

If what you want is to achieve a timeless look with a lot of character, at Oset we recommend opting for an cement-style tile, although cement facades also have a lot to say in all this.

Cement-style ceramic characteristics

Cement-style flooring provides the main advantages of tiles: low porosity, high resistance, easy maintenance... These characteristics make it one of the most desired materials for facades and interior coverings, especially in buildings and urban areas.

Cement-style tiles are available in a varied gray scale. These neutral tones allow you to play creatively with different elements within the decoration.

Among the varieties of cement-style tiles, you can find styles with a more natural or rustic appearance, characterized by impurities and changes in tone, or polished cement-style flooring. The latter is also highly sought after for decorating interiors and exteriors that seek a more sober and uniform appearance.

AMB BOSTON 2 public area - Estilo Cemento


AMB AMSTERDAM 2 banyo - Estilo Cemento

Cement-style tiles for any environment

In addition to being practical, the cement-style tile is highly versatile, since it can be combined with tiles of other styles, colors and textures. The possibilities are endless!

If your room already has more striking coverings - or you are planning to install them -, cement-style flooring is an ideal option to give an extra touch of personality without visually overloading the space.


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