Wood Style

Wood Style

Are you thinking about installing wood-style tiles in your home? The truth is that this type of mesh achieves an original and very attractive appearance for different rooms. Normally interiors: kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, dining rooms... Although more and more homes are expanding the practical advantages of this tile to their outdoor areas. What's the score?

Wood effect tiles achieve a finish that imitates both the color and texture of wood. They are the perfect option to create a cozy space with a natural and rustic touch.

Features wood effect tiles

Wood effect tiles have an infinite number of different shapes and uses. You can find them with a herringbone, braided, vertical or horizontal wood effect. But in addition to the different styles, you can choose between different wood-style wall tiles. They are a very versatile option for living rooms and interiors in general.

Another way to take advantage of this design is with wood-style ceramic or porcelain flooring, which is characterized by its resistance and durability, although its appearance is much finer and more delicate than that of the original wood.

You can also find many shades among this type of ceramic, such as gray, dark brown, light or olive wood-style tile. The variety of colors allows you to get closer to the appearance of a specific type of wood such as pine, cedar or some other trees.

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Wood-style tiles for bathrooms

The wood finish transmits warmth and naturalness to any space. However, when it comes to bathrooms we require a waterproof material, capable of resisting humidity and constant cleaning. Wood-style tiles for bathrooms will allow you to achieve that special style you are looking for with all the practical advantages of tiles.

What style do you want to achieve?

Depending on the size and characteristics of this room, wood-effect bathroom tiles can be used in different ways, such as wall or floor tiles, combined with other smooth ceramics or in the center of the room.

Bathrooms with wood-style tiles look very sophisticated and, in addition, their low-porosity material will ensure that they remain in perfect condition over time. As with the rest of ceramic tiles, they guarantee quick and easy installation. And what comes next? Enjoy the attractive atmosphere that wood achieves in your bathroom.

Wood-style tiles for exteriors

Exterior flooring with wood style can be a very interesting option for your home if you want to achieve extra luminosity and elegance in certain rooms: gardens, patios, terraces... Remember that wood-style tiles for exteriors are also an alternative much more economical and durable than the classic natural wood floor.

This type of material is highly resistant to stains, moisture, constant foot traffic, and climate changes. So beyond its aesthetic beauty, the durability and appearance of this mesh will make you fall in love with wood-style tiles for outdoor use on your facade, garden, or terrace.


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