white body ceramic

What is White Paste?

White-body stoneware is the ideal material for the most demanding. These are coatings of the highest quality and unmatched designs, tiles for renovations, bathrooms, kitchens or shops.

These are tiles that contain clay and do not rust during the firing process. Thus, the resultant white or grayish white color allowing a workpiece.

With these raw materials that normally require a higher degree of grinding and with calcined pigments, we produce our entire range of white paste rectified coating products.

Characteristics of White Paste

White body is a trend in the ceramic sector for aesthetics and distinction. Its non-colored finish allows good results on painted tiles and ceramic pieces.

This result is due to the composition of the clays, without oxides and with a high iron content, that are used in its manufacture. In addition, it is a material used for large formats due to its resistance, which also allows it to be used for both interior and exterior decoration.

They have better abrasion resistance, which allows for more versatile use (indoors and outdoors) and a greater variety of formats. This material is widely used in both tiling and flooring, as it is a very versatile coating, with the option of different formats, and which behaves very well over time.

Apart from all these characteristics, white paste is ideal for white tiles, since a very pure white color is achieved.

AMB NIZA CHERRY IVORY 20X40 TOSCANA SAND 90X90 BANYO 1 - Cerámica Pasta Blanca
amb DETALLE CINQUETERRE WHITE 10X20 cocina 2 - Cerámica Pasta Blanca

Types of White Paste

Another use of the different types of white paste is coating, since its composition gives it a white color, to which the enamels are attached, resulting in a superior quality finish, due to its fineness, texture, color transmission in the surface and elegance. White paste is mainly chosen for large format products.

White Body Tiles

At Oset you can find a wide selection of white-body tile collections for each room in your house, whether for the entire floor, or for decorating the bathroom or kitchen, we also have a large selection of outdoor flooring.

White Paste Coating

It is said that the white paste coating “is more perfect” than the red paste one. This is due to the finish of the enamel, but not due to the hardness or quality of the material. The difference between the coating between white paste and red paste lies in the material used in its manufacture, in the clays and sands used.

The technical characteristics are very similar and the hardness and resistance of the materials is almost exact. Of course, the glaze that is applied to the tile adheres better to white-body tiles and, therefore, the colors of this ceramic are more accomplished than those of a red-body tile.


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