Marble Style

Marble Style

Marble-style tiles are a great ally to convey a certain elegance and distinction to any room. If you have a limited budget and, at the same time, want to enjoy the beauty of the finish of this material, consider this possibility: marble effect tiles may be the best alternative for your renovation project.

You can find marble-style ceramic in any of the colors and styles you are looking for: large format, continuous line or regular sizes; for flooring or wall covering; in black, wine color or light tones such as white, gray or ivory...

In short, you can adapt marble-effect tiles to your office, living room, kitchen, bathroom... Any area to which you want to add extra elegance, taking advantage of the practical advantages of ceramics. Which are?

Characteristics of marble effect tiles

The marble effect in ceramic is an option that is increasingly in demand by decoration lovers who either have limited budgets or want a material capable of resisting inclement weather, shocks, dust, humidity... To which is added the wide variety of designs: colors, textures... Even prints that imitate the original marble, but with a much lower price and a more practical and accessible installation.

Available in marble-effect ceramic material, our catalog also has a space for marble-effect porcelain tiles. Both materials are used in the form of porcelain or ceramic flooring, and are often used in large slabs or in continuous format, to better convey the elegance of marble.

In addition, marble-style tiles have very competitive prices compared to original marble, to which are added their practical advantages: installation and maintenance as simple as any other ceramic tile.



Marble-style tiles for bathrooms

Marble-style tiles for bathrooms will help you give a distinguished, classic and timeless style to that space you have in mind, with the quality and advantages of ceramics.

Bathrooms decorated with black and white marble-style tiles, on the other hand, convey a more modern and dynamic appearance due to the contrast of tones. This and other combinations in bathrooms with marble-style tiles go very well to take advantage of this material with elegance and style.

If you want a more peaceful and comfortable place, white, cream or ivory marble-style bathroom tiles on floors and walls will also help you create that cozy room that you so desire.

Marble-style kitchen tiles

Marble-style kitchen tiles are a very interesting option when redecorating a room - or several -, since they combine quality, style and good prices.

Would you like to enjoy a sophisticated and durable kitchen? Whether for your home or a commercial space, we recommend taking a look at marble-style tiles: the perfect ally for your kitchen.


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