Exterior Tiles



Characteristics of Outdoor Ceramics

Outdoor tiles are great allies for decorating floors and covering the exterior walls of patios, terraces and facades. Thanks to their advantages and the wide range of aesthetic possibilities they offer, outdoor tiles are the most in demand.

It is necessary that the exterior cladding of your home adapts to all your needs and meets certain functionalities.

At Oset we take care that our floors and our exterior wall tiles meet all the characteristics to achieve a perfect result.

They withstand weight, climate changes throughout the year and the passage of people very well.
To avoid fractures.
Non-slip finish. This is one of the most valuable characteristics of exterior ceramics. It is usually exposed to rain, in gardens or around swimming pools and it is essential to take care of the floors in humid environments to avoid accidents.
Perfect imitation of other materials. You can achieve the aesthetics you want without giving up the advantages of outdoor ceramic tiles.

Exterior Floor

It is advisable to make a good selection of the exterior pavement, to obtain a suitable environment.

With our outdoor floors you can choose from an endless number of non-slip floors, with different finishes, to decorate your home.

Neutral designs with classic colors are trendy, as are rustic floors for outdoors or with effects inspired by marble, wood or cement.

amb INCA 5X2590X90R15X15DECOR outdoor 1 - Exteriores
amb GUGGENHEIM OLIVE 60X120 CIERZO MIX outdoor 1 - Exteriores

Exterior wall covering

Exterior tiles are also the most suitable for covering the exterior walls of terraces or facades. Their resistance to climatic aggression and low water absorption make them the perfect option.

Tiles for Outdoor Terraces

At Oset we have the latest trends in tiles for your terrace, with which you will achieve originality and personality.

You can create monochrome designs in neutral colors or natural and realistic designs with the wide variety of exterior imitation stone or wood tiles.

Tiles for Exterior Facades

When renovating exterior wall coverings, it is important to have a material that is long-lasting and waterproof.

In our catalog of exterior tiles you can find different models, textures, colors and imitations of other materials that you can combine to give the facade of your house a personal touch.



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