Kitchen Tiles

Latest trends in Kitchen Tiles

Kitchen tiles are one of the great classics to achieve a pleasant and personal space. However, it is not always easy: resistance, durability, easy cleaning... There are many demands that this room in the home poses and, sometimes, we forget that there are options to respond to the practical needs of the kitchen and, also, to our aesthetic tastes.

One of them is kitchen tiles. More and more people find in these pieces an interesting alternative to give their space a touch of life, dynamism or, why not, elegance, sobriety... All this, according to the size of the kitchen and the aesthetic line of the furniture.

What idea do you have in mind?

The truth is that the possibilities are endless, but at Oset we can help you find the design that your kitchen requires.

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is true that there are other rooms where we spend a lot of time, such as the dining room, the bedroom, the bathroom... However, the kitchen is a dynamic place to which we go numerous times throughout the day, where we come together with the people we live with. ; where we cook, we eat...

What less than giving it your own and original touch?

The kitchen tiles in our catalog will help you create a beautiful space full of life.

Characteristics of Kitchen Tiles

Kitchen tiles must respond to the demands of this space in the home. As we already mentioned, in this area the presence of steam, humidity, cleaning products, foot traffic is very common... Which means that not all materials are valid.

Therefore, our kitchen floors are designed to resist all these factors: low porosity, resistance, durability... Without a doubt, a way to take care of the aesthetics of the home without having to succumb to heavy cleaning and maintenance tasks. And above all, without having to make a large financial investment.

The same goes for kitchen wall covering, which requires a strong, durable and easy-to-clean material. Our kitchen tiles, modern and rustic, depending on your preferences, will help you find the style you are looking for.

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Types of ceramics for kitchen

There are countless designs to decorate your floors and walls: white kitchen tiles, black, blue, pastel tones, gray, brige...

The latest trends in kitchen tiles opt for the combination of black and white in modern and minimalist spaces, while rustic spaces tend toward earth tones to achieve a more country and natural finish.

Kitchen Floors

Thanks to kitchen ceramics, it is no longer necessary to install the classic adhesive tiles that end up giving way over time.

At Oset we have a wide variety of floors for white kitchens. Does your kitchen have a gray floor? You can give a touch of color and dynamism to your space with reddish, blue, green details...

Kitchen Wall Covering

Modern kitchen tiles can help you create an attractive kitchen covering, but remember that this is usually the most visually loaded element.

If you want to avoid a somewhat exaggerated finish, we recommend directing attention to other points: fragments of the wall, pillars, projections, baseboards... Or perhaps you are looking for the opposite effect: giving a touch of life to a space that is too neutral.



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