Bathroom Tiles

Ceramics for bathroom

Bathroom tiles are an essential element in the decoration of your room. Especially if you want to give it a touch of life and originality. The style depends on you -and the possibilities of your bathroom-: modern, rustic, polished, porous, colorful, linear, geometric, asymmetrical...

The possibilities are endless, so at Oset we encourage you to browse our extensive catalog of bathroom tiles and choose the design that best suits you and your family. Are you looking for something happy or sober? Vintage or elegant? Whatever the style, we have a piece for you.

Features bathroom tiles

We normally hear about the kitchen as the place most susceptible to the elements in the home: humidity, steam, grease... It is absolutely true.

However, the bathroom must be covered with materials capable of withstanding constant humidity and temperature changes, as well as cleaning chemicals and other factors that can end up damaging your floors and walls over time.

Unless you opt for ceramic bathroom tiles, which feature:

● Low porosity
● Resistance to chemicals
● Resistance to shocks, dragging of furniture, heels...
● Easy maintenance

Meeting these 'requirements' is essential to be able to enjoy your living room without constantly thinking about the well-being of the tiles, and at Oset we make sure that this is the case.

amb 05 CAPRI WHITE BANYO 3 - Baños

Types of ceramics for bathrooms

Walls and floors for bathrooms, as you can see, require resistant materials as well as beautiful and bright ones.

And to respond to this need, our tiles combine the practical characteristics of ceramics with the beauty and elegance that you want for your room. In this sense, you can choose the type of ceramic tile you want:

Hexagonal, symmetrical, asymmetrical, hydraulic, Chevron, imitation stone, cement, wood... Without forgetting the subway tiles: one of the great trends in bathroom tiles that, without a doubt, can transform the style of a space by renovating a only wall. Do you dare with him?

Bathroom floors

It is no longer necessary to place adhesive tiles in the bathroom, which end up falling over time due to humidity. Thanks to ceramics for bathrooms, you can opt for gray and white or colored bathroom floor tiles: green, ocher, maroon...

On the other hand, bathrooms with blue tiles remain one of the favorite options for decoration lovers. Do you agree with this trend?

Bathroom wall covering

If what you want is to change the bathroom wall covering, we recommend taking a look at the different bathroom tile ideas that we have in our catalogue.

You can opt for different color combinations or neutral and simple designs; The final style of your stay will depend on it.

Remember that, thanks to ceramic tiles, you can change the bathroom wall covering without any work and with easy installation.



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