Stone Style

Stone Style

Stone-style tiles are an expression of elegance and good taste to decorate different types of spaces. Terraces, gardens... But not only exteriors: these elements can help you transform any room to give it a natural and rustic appearance.

The decorative potential of stone goes hand in hand with the practical advantages of the tile: easy installation, simple maintenance, quality of the material, high resistance to shocks, humidity and the passage of time... In addition, stone-style tiles have very economical prices with relation to the cost of the stone.

These reasons have led countless homes and buildings to install this type of mesh on their floors and coverings. Do you want to know them more in depth?

Features stone effect tiles

Stone-effect tiles effectively recreate the effect of stone to achieve the attractiveness of this material, with the essence it conveys: rustic decoration, homely feeling... And to all this are added the practical and economic advantages of ceramics.

There is a wide variety of tiles that reproduce the texture and finish of stone naturally. From polished slate to rough-looking meshes, which achieve a somewhat more realistic and rustic appearance. For example, natural stone effect paving is widely used in gardens and terraces to achieve this more country style.

We know that cost is one of the factors to consider when undertaking a renovation, and for this reason, at Oset we recommend stone-style tiles, which are very competitively priced compared to the cost of natural stone.

For these reasons, more and more homes are beginning to opt for stone-effect flooring or cladding in kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms. What stay do you have in mind?

AMB CANILLO BEIGE outdoor - Estilo Piedra


amb PERGAMO 19X23 HEX banyo 1 - Estilo Piedra

Interior and exterior stone-style tiles

Stone-style tiles for interior and exterior can create very different styles depending on the type of mesh used, the colors, the design...

If you are looking for a more delicate look, we recommend interior stone-style tiles, especially in kitchens and dining rooms.

But if what you want is to create a more rustic-looking space, exterior stone-style tiles with natural texture are a good idea to renovate the flooring or cladding of large rooms or exterior facades.

Stone-style tiles for bathrooms

White or gray stone-style tiles for bathrooms are some of the most sought after, given the elegance and sobriety conveyed by their colors and finish. What advantages can they bring to your home?

Stone-style tiles for bathrooms in neutral tones are highly versatile when it comes to creating combinations with pieces of other colors and designs, thus achieving original and lively spaces.

Gray and cold tones or light tones are also used in stone-style tiles for small bathrooms, with the aim of achieving a larger feeling.

Among the design trends, the use of stone-style tiles for bathroom showers stands out, with earthy colors to achieve a rural and more natural look.

Stone-style tiles for kitchens

Stone-style tiles for kitchens provide countless options to redesign this key space in your home. Depending on the style you want, you can choose some designs or others.

Remember that, although stone-style flooring is one of the most common ways to decorate your kitchen, it is not the only one. And what other ways are there? On pillars, countertops, the wall baseboard, on the stair riser...

Choose the corner where you can place the stone effect tiles in your kitchen to enjoy their practical advantages and decorative potential.


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