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Living Rooms with Tiles

Do you want to renew the wall covering in your living room?

The living room is probably the most important space in every home. It is where we spend the most time (at least, awake), where we meet with our loved ones, where we spend long afternoons reading, series or movies... For all this, properly choosing the walls and floors for living rooms will be essential to achieve a pleasant atmosphere. and welcoming. To improve well-being at home.

What idea have you got?

Living room tiles will be decisive when defining the style of this room. Stay with us to discover our floors for small, large, modern, rustic living rooms... We will find yours.

Characteristics of Living Room Tiles

The kitchen is talked about as the most hostile place for decoration materials: humidity, steam, grease... Nothing that is not true. However, the living room is one of the most inhabited rooms in most homes. To withstand the continuous passage of people, dragging of furniture, cleaning products and other adverse factors, living room wall tiles must meet a series of requirements:

  • Baja porosidad
  • Chemical resistance
  • Resistance to shocks, dragging of furniture, heels...
  • Easy maintenance

Meeting these 'requirements' is essential to be able to enjoy your living room without constantly thinking about the well-being of the tiles, and at Oset we make sure that this is the case.

amb 01 HERMITAGE 90x90 indoor - Salones
AMB INCA 90X90 INDOOR - Salones

Types of Ceramics for Living Room

One of the great advantages of tiles for living room walls is their versatility. No wonder: each living room is a world and the ceramics must match its style: modern, vintage, Nordic, classic, natural...

However, this great advantage can easily become a headache if we are not clear about the design we want in our living room. We recommend you take a look at our catalog and see all the possibilities you have to choose from. Depending on the furniture in your house, the colors and the size of the living room, you will have to choose one type of ceramic or another.

Remember that you can always opt for hydraulic tiles, Chevron, imitation wood, cement, stone... Or even subway tiles: a classic that is still maintained in many homes as a leading element.

Do you want to renew the floor or wall?

Living Room Floors

Living rooms with gray floors or, in general, living rooms with dark floors, often use a type of modular or imitation cement tile, to achieve a sober and modern look. If you are not sure about the color you want... How do you decide?

Floors for small living rooms normally incorporate neutral colors to increase luminosity and, thus, achieve a greater feeling of spaciousness. In this case, the living room with a white floor can be a very good option.

Living Room Wall Covering

When choosing ceramics for the living room wall, it is also very important to take into account the size of the room. The tone to choose will depend on it: the smaller it is, the ideal is for the color to be lighter.

If you have a larger room, you can even opt for living room walls covered in stone, with imitation tiles that achieve this finish, without leaving aside the practical advantages of ceramics.

Do you need help choosing the floor or wall covering for your living room? At Oset we help you find the ideal design for your home.



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