Bedroom Tiles

Ceramics for Bedroom

Bedroom tiles are a very interesting element to create different styles in this room. Depending on the space you have and the style you are looking for, you can choose a type of mesh according to your tastes and needs.

Do you have any ideas in mind? If you want a 'stately style' master bedroom, you can opt for light, satin tile tones as wall coverings for that bedroom.

If you prefer a more casual style, you can create a more youthful bedroom with tiles in strong colors as floors for modern bedrooms, which convey a dynamic appearance to the room.

Although it is not the busiest area of ​​the home, bedrooms do require quality materials that are easy to maintain and clean. In this sense, the characteristics of tiles in bedrooms offer important practical advantages to consider in the long term.

Characteristics of Bedroom Tiles

What are those advantages?

● Low porosity. Bedroom tiles have a great tolerance to humidity and changes in climate or temperature due to the use of air conditioning and heating. It is also less allergenic.

● Stain and scratch resistance. If it is, for example, children's bedrooms, this is an aspect to take into account, since it guarantees the durability in the best possible condition of tiles on walls and floors despite constant traffic with toys or furniture, paint stains...

● Quick and economical installation. Renovating ceramic floors and walls is relatively easy to apply by experts in this type of materials, compared to wood and other more expensive types of materials.

● Immense variety of designs. Today you have an advanced ceramic manufacturing industry, which can recreate the appearance of other materials such as marble, wood or stone.

You can also find different finishes and colors in the Oset catalogue, until you find the one that best suits your decoration style.

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Types of Ceramics for Bedroom

The bedrooms are the main rest area, for private use and a very personal appearance. They require a decoration that conveys a comfortable and peaceful appearance to that space in any of its designs and applications.

Do you want to decorate with ceramics for your bedroom? You can apply ceramic as an interior covering in your bedroom and thus replace the paint with a durable material that is less absorbent of stains, dust and moisture.

There are also various styles of bedroom floor ceramics available with which you can complement the overall look of this room.

Bedroom Flooring

The style of bedroom flooring you choose can help define the final look of this room.

For example, tiles in light and shiny tones are generally used to create an effect of greater luminosity and spaciousness, something more suitable for small and closed bedrooms. Have you already thought about any interesting trends? One of them could be a bedroom with a gray floor. This color conveys a certain sobriety along with the advantages common to other light tones.

Do you prefer a bedroom with a dark floor? Coverings with this type of tones look very modern and are compatible with large rooms. In addition, they allow interesting combinations with furniture and other contrasting colors on the walls.

Bedroom Wall Covering

Bedroom walls covered in ceramic can be a practical and attractive solution to recreate the atmosphere you are looking for in your room. All this, with the practical advantages of ceramics.

Tiles that imitate natural materials such as stone or wood can be an interesting ceramic choice for a calm-looking bedroom wall. But if you want a more striking room, you can also opt for dark colors or Chevron, hexagonal or embossed and printed designs.



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