Imitation Stone Floor

There is a wide variety of floors to achieve the stone effect. If you are looking for a minimalist or refined style, we recommend the polished stone imitation floor. But if what you want is to give your home a more rustic look, the imitation stone exterior cladding with natural texture can help you decorate large rooms, such as dining rooms, large kitchens, living rooms... Even exterior facades.

Remember that interior stone imitation floors are an infallible weapon to enhance elegance and achieve extra luminosity. And if you are looking for your own and original style, combine them with pieces of different colors and designs. If you need it, at Oset we will advise you.

The same goes for stone effect flooring for kitchens: it can be used as an imitation stone floor, but also on countertops, pillars, stairs... Even to create borders on the wall. What idea do you have in mind? Take a look at the imitation stone floors to give your kitchen the aesthetics and resistance it needs.

Imitation stone coating

Imitation stone cladding is one of the great favorites for renovating spaces of all kinds and achieving a natural and rustic look. Its easy installation, affordable price and great resistance represent added value to an attractive and elegant ceramic piece.



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