Stair Tiles

Tiled Stairs

There is no more elegant and decorative element in itself in a room than well-designed and constructed stairs. Tiled stairs are a decoration trend with a lot of potential to create different styles and at the same time guarantee their good condition over time.

Characteristics of ceramic stairs

Stair tiles have become one of the most used options in construction due to their quality, appearance and durability. Its characteristics become advantages that you can take advantage of to build your staircase:

  • Ceramic stair treads are designed to withstand the weight and constant traffic to which the stairs of a house or premises are exposed.
  • Stains and scratches will not be a problem either since the surface of the ceramic stairs is resistant to these types of attacks.
  • The smooth and non-porous surface of ceramic stairs guarantees easy and practical maintenance and cleaning. We all know how tedious it can be to keep stairs clean. Fortunately, tiles make this job easier.

Stair tiles can be easily cut and adapted to the measurements already established for the steps.

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Types of Stair Tiles

There is an interesting variety of ceramics that you can use for the floors and covering of your stairs. From hydraulic tiles to imitation ceramics made of wood, stone or other materials.

Whether you are looking for an elegant and distinguished staircase or if you prefer a modern or minimalist staircase, be sure to check out the tile designs for stairs that we have available at Oset.

Flooring for Interior Stairs

If you have chosen ceramic as a flooring for stairs, it is important that you take certain aspects into account. One of the most important is that they preferably be non-slip, an essential feature in the floor of an exterior staircase, but which is equally important in interior stairs with a lot of traffic.

Tiles for interior staircase floors are those that carry all the load of constant passage. However, its material is resistant to wear and tear, making it an interesting option to consider when renovating your staircase.

You can choose floors for indoor stairs in colors that match the ceramic covering, or you can choose to use striking contrasts between both materials such as black and white, beige and brown, etc.

Floors for interior stairs usually have a significant visual impact, so you will want to make sure that their design harmonizes with the rest of the decoration in your room.

Stair Covering

Ceramic stair cladding is an interesting resource to take advantage of to define the style that your stairs will have. Being vertical, its design is more visible and easier to appreciate.

Also, it receives less impact from footsteps, therefore, it is the ideal space to use decorated tiles or tiles in interesting colors and designs.

As exterior staircase cladding you can choose between hydraulic or rustic style tiles. Decorated mosaics and tiles, with a more delicate appearance, also combine well as coverings for indoor stairs.

If you want a more classic design, style-wood, marble or stone tiles look elegant and harmonious both indoors and outdoors.


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